Are you a focus group?

No, we are not a focus group. For the teen generation, focus groups often won’t produce an honest and effective response, due to the rigid and controlled environment. We don’t feel comfortable with someone staring at us with a clipboard and pen in hand. This type of environment reminds us of school, which usually, is not a good thing. We make sure to curate our process in a way that allows our ambassadors to feel comfortable and natural while testing. Our ambassadors don’t filter for this reason. They can share their ideas clearly and honestly while communicating with our team, due to our relaxed testing style.

Are you brand evangelists?

No. But we can turn into evangelists! It is impossible to pay for evangelism. To be a true, authentic evangelist, teens need to truly love a product. So we are here to make your product appeal to teens so that we do love it. Often, ambassadors working with our clients will become evangelists after the project due to the connection they build with the product and the team throughout testing.