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We connect businesses with teens who can give key insights, feedback, and suggestions in order to provide the teen perspective

About Us

The Ambassadors Company connects you with teens who can provide key insights, feedback, and suggestions. Tailoring our process to your specific needs,  Ambassadors  integrate your product or idea into their lives, resulting in the most honest and raw ideas and opinions.


We are brutally honest, supplying you with the right insights and tools to position your product for teens. Largely based in Silicon Valley, our testing group represents both technologically-inclined first-adopters as well as the archetypal teenage user.  We work with the trendsetters and leaders of our generation, enabling us to  speak and articulate ideas for the stressed, busy, fickle, and confused teen.

What We Do

We expose and integrate  your product into the daily lives of a select group of teens who will take the time to use and understand it. Then, we give honest insights, feedback, and actionable items to improve your product’s to appeal to the teen market. We finish off by giving your company a concrete report based on the teens ideas, issues and suggestions.

We expose your product to teens who will take the time to use and understand it.

Our Process

Customizable, Effective, Integrated

Phase 1


Identify what you want feedback on. Including but not limited to: UI, brand, marketing, product, promotions, competition, new software release and more.

Phase 2


We send out your product and information to the Ambassadors to being testing through the use of questionnaires, surveys, and live feedback docs.

Phase 3


Delivery of the final report with raw data, analysis, and an insights report which include takeaways and recommendations.

Teen Run, Teen Insights

Use Cases

Product Review

We provide a comprehensive and deep review of your entire product, as well as branding and marketing ideas.

Specific Aspect review

Marketing, Brand, App flow, UI

General Market Research

Explore general teen behaviors

Idea testing

Receive feedback and insights on potential new features or any idea that needs the AmbassCo opinion

Investment Decision analysis

We vet potential teen facing investments